About us

The Gideons Motorcycle Club arose through a conversation between the time Deacon Alexandre and Pastor Philipe Camara, we talked about our evangelism Church Assembly of God. 

We talked about evangelization, about how we reach more souls for our Lord Jesus Christ, we know that our goal and duty as a Christian is to gain souls, this conversation happened on the day 08/02/2011 after our worship on Tuesday, and we had the idea of We ride the Motorcycle club. From there began the ideas of how to do, how to begin, what name would be and with the grace of God we began. Our logo is composed of an eagle, shield, chandelier and wheat. Why these objects? These objects arose through the word of God and we know that; The shield to something that protects us, defends us, helps us, who would do all this for you? Only God, in (SL3, 3) says that "but you, Lord, are my shield, you are my glory and what exalts my head.

" The chandelier is a place of light, and the light is in all places, and only one who may be everywhere, God, in (ZC 4.10 b) says that "these seven lamps are the eyes of the Lord, who probes all the Earth," the Eagle (Isaiah,40,31) But those who wait in the Lord will renew their forces, climb with wings as eagles; Will run, and they shall not tire; They will walk, and will not be weary Isaiah 40:31, the wheat, (Psalm 78, 24), and they would rain upon them the manna to eat, and gave them the wheat of heaven. From all this came the coat of arms of our motorclub and began our activities. I praise God for the ministry he has delivered in my hands, I praise God for the life of my Pr. Philipe Camara who understood the purpose of God in our lives and for the church that welcomed us, I praise God for my family who supports this work , I praise God for every Member who will be part of this ministry, and I praise God for these wonderful roads that he has put in our ways.

The mission of the members of the Gideons Motorcycle Club is to take the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the chosen way was through our motoclicletas, through events of motorcycle clubs in various places of the country and out, through trips, tours, Bike Service in Churchs and squares or where it is welcome the presence of the Gideons Motorcycle Club, in addition to evangelism the Gideons Motorcycle Club also prioritizes social works and fun.

How do I become a member?

How do I become a member? To be an integral member of the Gideons Motorcycle Club the applicant must be invited by someone who is a current participant or the cadidate should contact someone who is a member of the current or board members so that it is presented to the members and Accepted as a Prospero member (p. p), this in turn must obey and accept the club's requirements. Email from the entire board, you will find on the Contacts page.